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Prague Castle
Prague Castle
Czech Republic

Prague Castle directions
No visit to Prague would be worthwhile without visiting the famous Castle, built around 850 AD by the Premyslid family. From its very origin to present day it has been the seat of administration of the country with a rich and varied history. The strategic location, a rocky ridge above the Moldava River secured the city of Prague’s future.

The first Princes of the Premyslid family, were the founders of the Royal Dynasty. The original Castle was built of timber and was fortified with a soil rampart. The castle grounds were as large then as they are today and consisted of many small timber houses. Archaeological excavations have uncovered many important finds concerning the castles' history and are well worth investigating on your visit.

These areas were originally kept partially open to the public, but today the excavation area has been walled. The castle is one of the most extensively researched archaeological sites in central Europe.

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Prague Castle

Prague Castle

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